The Turning Point

Part 1/3- I love you

It was sunday, she called me in the morning it was around 9:30. I just woke up suddenly and understood what was the reason behind her call. It was her yesterday’s night’s excitement and desire for earings moreover jhumkis as she used to call them.
The evening before I was really tired and fell asleep when she called me to ask for my company for her shopping needs. I reminded her about my fever, but she cried that she would go alone but it was not destined so I decided to join in.
We both were waiting for the train, as soon as we sat in the train she started worrying about the hostel timings to which she insisted to go back. So we haulted at the next station, and left for the hostel. In the way by seeing her face I was able to make up that she direly wanted earing so i decided to go alone for it. I dropped her at the hostel and started my journey back toward market.
It was utterly a bizzare feeling for me as I insisted to go alone about 30 km. While my journey I started realizing that what was the main driving force behind it. In that 90 minutes journey I realized that it was nothing but my love towards her and her phrase ‘I Love You’. Which she told me while I dropped her to the hostel.


(To be continued……

Please keep on reading remaining parts are coming soon….)


6 thoughts on “The Turning Point

  1. Hey i need to contact u… Can u temme a way… Ah don’t think I’m in love with u or something… I myself m a writer… Wan to have a small talk with you… Pls revert me back as soon as u see mah comment…!!


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