The Turning Point

Part 2/3- I Love You Too

Finally,after the perpetual long and tiring journey to the market I  began my hunt for the ‘jhumkis’ or to be more specific I must say , the only way to bring that glittering smile on the face of my love.
I Kept on roaming from one shop to another in that overcrowded market for almost 2 hours I didn’t found the desired design. Although that was the supreme test of my patience level but just the mere thought of watching her kiddo smile and those sparkling eyes after receiving those jhumkis from me proved as a fuel for me and it charged me up to continue my search till I find the best one for my girl. Finally , I got that masterpiece, it took a moment for me to realize that sketch was on the canvas right in front of me and I took a sigh of relief. So with a broad and satisfactory smile on my face I brought them and kept in the most precious way I could.

I returned to my place. She was so excited that continuously she kept on insisting me to send her the pics of her jhumkis but since I was selfish enough to make her wait till the next morning so as watch her beautiful reaction face to face I denied her request. I had a peaceful sleep but I am sure that she was at unrest.
Next morning,  I eagerly waited for her or moreover to see her reaction. As soon as she arrived, I handed over her jhumkis to her and that wide smile that appeared on her face was worth falling for. Her smile was enough to convey my happiness to whole of the world at that moment. We talked for some time, she thanked me and I welcomed her. Then I left for my project work and she waited for someone…..

-Miss Desire(special credits to her for editing).

(To be continued……

Please keep on reading remaining parts are coming soon….)


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