The Turning Point

Part 3/3-Love doesn’t permits a Hug

That Sunday evening while wandering through the corridores of my workplace suddenly from nowhere a notification appeared stating a affectionate ‘Hiee!!’ from my only love. We just casually started conversation. My first anxiety was to enquiring her about ‘ how the jhumkis justiced her kiddish face’. Her reply appeared to me as if she was deeply impressed as she beautifully and innocently replied “ Sacrifice always pays more than its worth !”
We promised to be with each other on our next venturing. To build upon we discussed on my ‘lone’ adventure hunt for ‘jhunkis’. She was so willing and determinant that she felt as if we both were present at that moment in that busy corridor like market place out for shopping. Never missing on any possible opportunity for thanking me , she made me so special that it was not permissible to let the moment pass by so easily.
At last she could not resist herself from asking me ‘what I wanted from her as a small thanks giving present’. To which I hesitatedly and hastly reply with much of anticipationA mesmerising deep Hug from my love”.
There was a long phase of silence which seemed as if millennium had passed by at last she replied ” Please, ask for something else!”. My obvious reaction was ‘Why?’. Her reply was instantaneous and harsh. She replied “I would have to ask my boyfriend for this”. What was she saying? Was she serious?  What on earth was happening? Why she was doing this to me? Why only me?
I was completely shattered, broken from inside with only tears all over to celebrate as a return gift for all my love for her. It all seemed as my mind was washed, it felt all blank inside to such an extent that I was unable to recollect and convince myself on such a major catastrophe.
But as it is said “Everything to be  perfect is a myth” turned right for me. She was indeed serious to an unimaginable extent. I was so depressed and hurted that I refused to face the reality and even was not able to establish eye-contact with her. At last nothing was left except a long and never ending period of repentance and self-reassirance. I was totalled by an infinite sea of depression. I knew it would be a long way for me to let her go. I doubted its possibility but have no choice either. At last I valiantly decided  to submitively signoff by saying “I will always respect you and your love”.
My first ‘I Love You’ indeed turned last for me….

”I was not strong enough to express my love but my love is strong enough to express me!”


(Thank you Folks for reading….
This is end of ‘The Turning Point’
There is much more….)


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