Life is set

First Outing

Please, let’s go somewhere! Let’s go for an outing”,  she said. I agreed as I wished to spend sometime with her. We were very cheerful as well as confused where to go. As most of the places were already closed and others were already explored. The time was not sufficient for long distance journey so after a great cumbersome discussion we agreed to explore a new land which was completely full of surprises for both of us.
We started of on a non-conventional rail route. It was so smoothly going we were experiencing peace as well as excitement about the journey. I was overwhelmed by her company. Meanwhile we discussed about each others family to spend the time. Then we got down at a very beautiful station which was surrounded by hills on one side and lake on its other side. We sat on one of the benches and enjoyed nature’s beauty even on the crowded station. We felt nothing except the serenity and her.
I asked her ” Are you not uncomfortable going out with a person whom you don’t know so much?” (At that time we were not that close friends). To which she beautifully replied “I trust you more than me that’s why I am here with you.” At that moment I realised that we mutually enjoyed each other’s company and she trusts me.
The time passed by talking about upcoming trips which we were to enjoy together and also about the non-happening life at the college. Actually it was a necessary outing to get some time out of that hectic life and be with someone you looked upon to spend life with.
This was just a small step in strengthening our relation. The surroundings were apt to express my innate feelings but due to my intovert nature and underconfidence I was unable to let them out again. It was clear from her face that she would be feeling that I was not so gutsy to tell her but actually I feared loosing her just for my sake.
The sun was setting down deep inside the lake layering the whole canvas orange mesmering all the biosphere creating a persona of love and care. We waited for the train sat back in it and started long journey back to that monotonous life. Neither of us spoke for the whole journey, we just smiled to each other without even establishing eye-contact with each other it was a completely alien and weird feeling to me as an individual. The time passed by at a pace. We both didn’t remember the in-between stations. Finally we got off the train. Unwilling to part away I left her in front of her hostel with a awkward smile and byee.
This starting was too promising for my future with you…..

(Part before ‘The Turning Point’)


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