Morning see off

It was 4 am I knew its time to wake up and my alarm too was aware of its job but before it was able to influence me I put down my alarm on snooze and dozed off untill a call came advising me to get up and be ready. I was aware that I need to complete my promise anyhow. He gave me about 20 mins to be ready to leave for airport. We started off for the airport, my friend was going home and I was accompanying him to the airport. It was lazy morning as sun was still off-duty which is quite unusual for a Chennai Morning.
He reached the enterance at 5:45 am but it took us another 30 mins to snail upto the T-3 terminal.
We goofed around here and there for a little while then I left him for his boarding. Seeing him go I was unable to resist myself from reaching to the ticket counter and  enquire for a ticket to my place. I was despirate to go home that if it was possible I was ready to go then also without proper gear and accesories. But to my luck it was not possible at that moment of time so I unwillingly paced back towards the local station and grabbed a ticket to my college.
It was a cloudy morning  with cool breeze blowing. I seated myself beside a window and enjoyed the scenetic morning. I enjoyed the smooth cold breeze through my hairs which rejuvenated me from head to toe.
I got down at my station and advanced towards mess to have breakfast as I had merely 4 pints of cola last night. I called the friend while having breakfast. He was having doughnut while I was eating toast with butter………. We both were hungry….



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