Somewhere In-between Exams

January was inching towards End Sems. The climate was typical Chennaian winter. Studies for end sems was nowhere in the frame till the night before the exam. We were living a perfect college life.
There was nothing unusual about the day, all was going on monotonously except one incident which took place while scrolling down my inbox  when an usual face with an unusual text poped out. It was her’s insisting for evening walks after the exam hours. The idea sounded brilliant to me. I was excited to meet her then. At the same time was worried about my preparation. But it was obvious to sacrifice them for her.
We usually used to meet up at 8th floor where she used to wait for me by the window sill peeping out to reach to that orange sun which used to wrap her in its orange aura. From where I used to take that orange beauty for walks.
While passing through the crowded corridors filled with the noise of discussions and with the exam review her company used to be soothing and I used to be so facinated by her company that all these talks doesn’t bothered me, moreover it was inaudible for me at that point of time.
She always started off by complaining about the tough paper and her bad fortune. To which I used to just smile on and asks her to forget all the worries about the subject and advised her to enjoy the beautiful nature along the long and green pathways which welcomed us with sweet chirping and cool fresh breeze.
We both enjoyed each others presence, it seemed as if we were surrouded by tranquility. She used to speak a lot, and I silently observed her speaking. It was like my silence was conversing with her. We were so used to each other that it was almost impossible to imagine the walk without any of us.
While walking on those long and lonely pathways, she used to talk a lot about her family, especially her mother. All of her talks were relevant to my thoughts and my life. It seemed as if some common link was in-between us which was bonding us so tightly. I used to analyse and observe her every small sentence so that I could mould myself to be perfect for her.
Nothing seemed more interesting than being together those days. I tried my best to make her comfortable about her being important to me. She also understood all my feels but she used to make dumb faces as she knew nothing. Her nothingness was the main reason behind my evening walks.
Those short walks usually ended on a sad note where we parted away at the hostel gate signing off for the day. Which was actually not so as she always ordered me to be active on mobile as everyday she was left with something left undiscussed during the walks. We both were so dumb and innocent at that time. I wish that this time could rebound and I could go on enjoying that time forever….



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