Bday Girl….

“I know its too late.. please don’t hang up….listen to me”,all of this was going somewhere in back of my head. Yes,I was a bit worried about her after all it was a special day for her as well as me .

It was 3’o clock in morning i was somewhere inbetween deep sleep, it was then I realized that I just forgot to wish her.. Oh God! How could I make such a mistake. What would she think of me.
I knew she was expecting something from me..she expected me to make this birthday something which she would like to remember lifelong and here I missed to wish her..

I need to cover up for this as soon as possible. I just texted her ” I m really sorry! Happy Birthday dear… Something special is waiting for you!!”.. I was like I have relieved myself for a period of time untill she replied. In the morning I started off early.I was planning about dinner with her.

As soon as the time passed by I managed to prepare almost everything to please her including Chocolates,roses,gift, and most importantly her surprise ‘candle light dinner’ in her favourite restaurant.

I was overflowing with anxiety as well as guilt and also was somewhat tensed ‘how would she react? will she forgive me? was I able to make her day one of the golden day?’

But who knew all of there questions will always remain questions… As there was no one to answer then.Yes, this was also one of my dream.. A dream which anybody would like to live in.. But it was nor so I my case…


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