Her Breakup….

Everything was going on smoothly…

The days were were passing by I was also happy ,calm and it seemed as if everything was perfect until my phone beeped……

I remember that it was off for that day. I think that it was Saturday then . I woke up abruptly by beeping of my phone due to constant messages. I was a bit angry as my sleep was compromised but now nothing can’t be done ,so I attended to messages. Mostly were official messages but one made me to re-live my past.

Yes, It was her message complaining about my negligence towards her… To which I hesitate to reply as I wanted not to start the same phase again. I replied I am a bit busy nowadays.. And slept again keeping my phone on DND.

I woke up again this time relaxed and fresh. Took a bath and helped myself with some refreshments. I just remembered to call my colleague when I saw one more message from her.This time it was about her breakup with her boyfriend… She was feeling alone, was really not well, wanted sympathy and someone to talk.

She expected me to provide her with all these but I was next to impossible for me to do these all material things for someone who broke my heart …

She must have though about me at that time when she parted away from me for her boyfriend..

Today 4 am

It was raining since the last night, a sudden thunderclap woke me up in utter bewilderment. I grabbed my overcoat and helped myself to the window sill where I could feel the frozen window pane complaining me about the rude weather. I comforted myself beside the window with a blanket and sat on a chair peeping out of the window to admire the beauty of nature surrounding me. That day I found out that nature is most gracious thing which mankind needs to re-live.

In todays life full of hustle-bustles it is really worth getting up and watching the natures beauty early morning….