My Childhood..

People born in 90’s are unique and simply awesome because these people enjoyed endless moments.To sum up I here are few things…

1.vespa/bajaj cheetak rides

2.Atlas cycle

3.champak/tinkle/chacha chaudhary



6.phantom cigarette

7.milton bottle on neck

8.90’s ke saare cartoons and craft

10.cassette player

11.campa cola

12.landline phone games

14.3-tier pencil box

15.langdi -taang ,and various other outdoor games…
Dear readers.. 

I would like you people to add on them and feel happy because we all were born in that era..


6 thoughts on “My Childhood..

  1. There used to be a bubblegum called Big babon and with it we got tattoos!
    Galli cricket.
    2 Rs Pepsi that came in plastic wrap ( I’m not sure what they were really called).

    This post really did bring a smile to my face. 🙂


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