Truely Powerful….

​Hinged to the mindfulness of blissful solitude, she smiles. 

Dazed by the mysteries of origin, she wonders. 

Standing at the epicenter of darkness, she lays still. 

Nothing is now or ever will be the same anymore, 

The taboo knowledge acquired.

Her intellectual vision looking at life.

Questions ignored by humanity’s ignorance now come haunting.

From nothingness to a Universe.

Quarks to Quasars.

Atoms to consciousness.

Subsuming these realities of our past, she surrenders.

Inhaling the smoke of the sacred herb, The unknown begins to unravel itself.

A state of collective consciousness achieved.

She is you, she is everyone.

Her body glows with freezing colors, Fuelled by the power at the heart of a dying star.

She is one with the cosmos.
~ By Prathamesh Arolkar


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