Today i will try to make my readers experience makarsankranti as it used to be celebrated…

It is not just an ordinary festival. People used to practice kite flying right from the first day of winter vacations … Children’s used to challenge friends.. Elders of family taught young ones how to fly kite. 

At the day of Sankranti. Whole city used to be on there roofs. And sky flooded with kites. Used to be sea of them.. Ladies of family who didn’t fly kites also enjoyed seeing them. At my home  grandmother and my mother used to bring a gas stove on the roof and put a vok on it.. and used to fry chips, and various snacks which we used to enjoy while flying kite.

We children used to dance like hell on loud music.. people used to put DJs on roof loud speakers and all with all sort of party songs.

Cheering after flying.. loud cries “alage”,”woh kata”..used to be routine..children running in narrow streets to grab on kites which were victimised..

But now.. there is no excitement about this festival. people are busy in there monotonous life, no time for festivals.. No more marry making. Nowadays festivals have turned merely into a day to relax.. People should make efforts to bring back that sankranti …


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