The incident I still regret….

I faintly remember the date but for sure it was my 8th standard then.

It was August afternoon, Sanskrit class boring Maths lecture. Me and my classmate were upto something which was beyond studies…just leg pulling amongst we 3 boys and 1 girl… In between all this Harshit reported that Aman loves Bhavneet,we all laughted our heart out amongst ourselves but who knew that this would prove to be fatal for me..

Next was my turn…Aman gossiped Bhavneet that Saloni and me were girlfriend-boyfriend..but i wasn’t so fortunate, i mean who gets his crush as his girlfriend… Bhavneet couldn’t keep her mouth shut and within fraction of seconds whole class was gossiping about me and her. She was sitting far away from me in some distant corner with aku i suppose…

I remember i couldn’t gather courage to look at her. As soon as the bell rang i rushed towards my van and desperately wanted to go home.. my friend Shubham repeatedly told me that Saloni and aku are calling you to sort out the matter..but I was so much embarrassed and frightened that it seemed as if I was freezed.. sitting in my van I saw her waiting for me but I didn’t went to met her.

The problem was temporarily overcomed but next day i knew that she might have complained to the class teacher and it would be a real mess…whole day I thought about the whole incident and concluded that it was my fault I must have rectified it the same moment itself…these type of jokes and leg pulling is common … Saloni acted more maturely as compared to me…

Next day I told my mom that stomach is acheing, and took a leave…but for how many days it would work… Next day I had to go… Morning assembly was normal, all friends asked how am I and what all was going on between me and her… Class teacher took attendence as soon as my roll came she instructed me to meet the incharge… I knew that the matter is still not over, full of fear and nervousness a 13 year old boy was pacing towards the incharge room..

He told me that what I did was wrong but It is completely fine and i need not worry and also added that I should take care and act maturely in situations like this…He gave me,Aman and Bhavneet a small punishment to atand in the corridor for 1 period… After this incident I and she didn’t talked for almost a week but thanks to aku she saved me… But I still regret if that day I would have sorted out than the scenario would be something else today….

That punishment taught me a lesson which I still remember..One should never play with other’s feelings and acting maturely is must in situation handling..

But I still regret not meeting with her that day itself and sorting out..but on other hand it is good justification that a 13year old school going boy as utterly confused and frightened about what was happening so he decided to get away as soon as possible ..
I would like you people to tell your views about what better he should have done in that situation….


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