Long Distance Birthday…

Heyy. Turns out my mailroom is closed early on Saturday and completely closed on Sunday. I’ll get it on Monday only now. I’ll let you know then ^_^..
Okay, I think I got it though.

Is this it?
It’s amazinggggggggggggggg
Thank you thank you!!!!! ^_^

These were her messages at 4AM IST.. yesterday. 

Still there was a long time(around 7hours) for her birthday according to Lowell ,MA time but still she managed to find her birthday present before her bday..

I was ready to wish her at exact 10:30AM IST. I finished all my chores amd was just waiting to press post button to send wish es on  her facebook and bang..I sent it..😂

It was the most funny pic we managed to click but it was sufficient to mark a smile on her face… My sunday went so happy I was excited all the time again and again was checking my Snapchat to get all her updates… She emjoyed piniata, crackers and what not her friends could manage for her..

At last in night I managed to contact her after 5 attempts and a sweet and short talk started which was enough for me to enjoy her birthday  I could imagine myself with her…though we were half world away from her…

Yes, It was her first birthday so so so…away.. And also was my first gift for her😂..

By the way the actual present looked like this….❤

Screenshot from Amazon.com

I know that this post wasn’t so nice but I desperately wanted to post this so, no choice….😂😉


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