Here he goes Undertaker, the dead man have signaled death of Roman Reigns.. (phone ringing)..

God not now the fight will end at anytime why now only… It was a unknown number from Delhi that too on my roaming sim I was in no mood to let tje fight go and attend the call which would cost me more than the caller.. But after2-3 rings the fight ended and the phone was still ringing..

Me- Hello!!

Caller- Hello!!(oh god, she is a girl)

She- Hello!! Pehchana?

Me- Hello! I am sorry but nahi.

She- I admit ki humne bhut tine ae bilkul bate nahi ki but iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum mujhe pehchaoge hi nahi..

Me- Seriously I can’t remember.. Accha give me some hints..

She- Okay give some gusses I will respond in Yes/No. Fine?

Me- Okay! We were in school together?

She- No.!

Me- You are from Delhi?

She- idiot woh phone number se pata chalta hai…

Me- Toh….then let me think

She- Tum rehne do me phone rakhti hu because tum toh mujhe pehchan hi nahi rahe ho..Bye

Me- Arey wait(Nervous), Sorry please please… Ek aur try yoir name starts with ‘S?

She- Well I don’t know you should tell..

Me- Tum Shreya hi ho na?

She- Kon shreya? Tum kisi Shreya ko bhi jante ho? Hww.. So bad of you.. Nahi karni mujhe tumse koi baat mene toh socha tha ki apne best friend se bat karungi but woh toh mujhe pehchan hi nahi raha and moreover mujhe koi aur ladki samajh raha hai… Okay I am hanging up the call.

Me- Yaar tum samjho bilkul idea nahi hai tum kon ho.. Dimag nahi chal raha mera..

She- (giggling)Yaar teri lene me kitna maza ata hai… Ur an idiot.. I was expecting ki tum woh wala name bologe which you gave me..

Me- Shreya you took my breath once.. I knew it was you.. bas tumhare awaz yaad nahi rahi even though you sent me 1 voice note and 1 song but then also… Tumko pata bhi hai agar tum koi aur hoti toh mujhe kitna Guilt hota? I would have been buried under guilt conscious..

She- haha, You took too long.. expected nahi tha na..?

Me- Bilkul nahi tumhara call toh sapne me bhi nahi…( Even though in dreams I use to dream about her only) .. kon soch sakta hai ki aapko woh call karega jisni aapko bol rakha ho ki agar Galiya khani hai toh you are welcome to call me…😂

She- oh haan…Chall koi na tujhe aage se yaad rahega me kon hu? I mean meri awaz. ..

Me- Accha yeh batao ki paper kaisa hua tumhara?

She- It wasn’t expected 9 aaenge 10 mese jabhki I even didn’t touched 1 unit.. What did you had today in food..

Me- Breakfast me….




Conversation went on for short 80mins.. He talked about( no. i won’t tell😉)  We both talked as if we were talking since ages but the time seemed to be stopped as we were unaware of call duration.. Aftera long time I experienced Giggling, Laughing, Sharing from a girl which I made too close to my heart… 
All and all this 80 mins were those unexpected moments which bought happy memories which I can’t forget at any cost lifelong….. 

This was today’s incident only …I was too excited to share this that I didn’t even formed sentences correctly.. Please forgive for any mistakes and do comment.. or blog your moments of Serendipity…


Thanks to that person

It all started 1 year ago same date..

All thanks to that person who is no more in my life.. Yes, I started writing because of her only but thank god today we aren’t together.

Its rightly said that bad people teachers a lesson and gives new life.. same happened to me …

Alright to wrap it..Its my anniversary on WordPress today so please wish me😉😇

Hoping to get your support in future to and to keep up my writing😊😊

Thanks to all my followers and my fellow writers.😀

Girlfriend or Studies??


Following article contains views of an individual, so it may not appeal to the masses. Readers are requested to be patient. This is rational so use your senses and don’t act hastly.. It only contains views of a male so girls could be offended…

In the present scenario of our country, I think that this is an essential question which strikes the mind of each teenager at some point of time but due to personal conflicts no one can find an answer to it..

Being a boy that too a college going boy.. It is more of a necessity to have atleast one girlfriend. People need them to show their what we call”SWAG”. Somebody please let me know if there are only around 970 girls per 1000 boys.. so how can each and everyone can manage atleast 1??

Keeping in mind the present scenario the ratio will worsen.. One can debate that it is profitable to keep a girlfriend prior to studies because in future one can end up bachelor…. 

On contrary the cost of studying is also increasing rapidly. One can barely pay for there studies nowadays.. In future it is for sure that this will rapidly increase…

Youth of our generation could argue that we are capable of coping with both but its not everybody’s cup of tea.  I am not denying that people can’t cope but only some can..

You only choose in what category you fall?At last I would like opinions of my fellow readers on this issue..

P.S.- Being male oriented this article is partial so it is recommended to readers to provide suggestions to improve it…

Women’s Day..!

For me its not about repending on my doings but its all about improving me in the sense so that women feel comfortable and equal in the society. Today hereby I promise to fullfill my part to impliment it..

Dedicated to all my female followers… There is loads of respect for all of you all..

#allthewomen#Happy Women’s Day..😁

Here is a small compilation of sone inspirational women..❤

Dear Tomorrow

Dear tomorrow,
I am your dreadful past, Yes it is only me who is responsible for all consequences you are facing.
Try to forgive me…
Your Past

No one wants this type of letters in future,right? It is our duty to safeguard all which we can. Everybody knows importance of nature so I will not elaborate on it.
But would just like to say that if you cant provide a helping hand then do not provide it for further detoriation…
I would like to pledge for doing my best to reduce my carbon footprint and again nurture the beauty so that future could remember us not for our sins but for our nurturing…
I would like to suggest you all to watch Before The Floods( most of you must have already watched😇) and please do visit there website and enroll yourself to be a part of this nobel cause.

And also would like you all to share a message/video/picture for the future generations which would be  shown to our future generations(2030-2050) via website and email..So please to make a time capsule for future generations..

I have already sent my wishes, you people too send as soon as possible.

I am doing my best to show my future generations a proud face.. I would beg you all to do the same and take a moment to think about the issue and do what you are capable of to make this planet beautiful again…