Dear Tomorrow

Dear tomorrow,
I am your dreadful past, Yes it is only me who is responsible for all consequences you are facing.
Try to forgive me…
Your Past

No one wants this type of letters in future,right? It is our duty to safeguard all which we can. Everybody knows importance of nature so I will not elaborate on it.
But would just like to say that if you cant provide a helping hand then do not provide it for further detoriation…
I would like to pledge for doing my best to reduce my carbon footprint and again nurture the beauty so that future could remember us not for our sins but for our nurturing…
I would like to suggest you all to watch Before The Floods( most of you must have already watched๐Ÿ˜‡) and please do visit there website and enroll yourself to be a part of this nobel cause.

And also would like you all to share a message/video/picture for the future generations which would be  shown to our future generations(2030-2050) via website and email..So please to make a time capsule for future generations..

I have already sent my wishes, you people too send as soon as possible.

I am doing my best to show my future generations a proud face.. I would beg you all to do the same and take a moment to think about the issue and do what you are capable of to make this planet beautiful again…


19 thoughts on “Dear Tomorrow

  1. Well, the charm of nature always attracts one, still we, the humans are always trying to deteriorate it in one way or other..recently there are some what’s app messages being spread on preserving water.. let us listen to the worries of nature and make it more beautiful

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    1. Ya..its true..
      I think we all must provide a helping hand for betterment..
      And through this I believe that atleast some set of people will take a positive step..
      Btw thanks for understanding the problem and hope that you too are providing all you can for nature๐Ÿ˜Š

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      1. Ya.. I will.. but on the other side, whatever we say, we simply ignore that or forget the actions to be taken..๐Ÿ˜‰
        But yes, something needs to be done consciously..

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