Is Schooling and Education same?

School, The first picture that comes to my mind is of Recess where kids fight for tiffins, run around like insane mob. Yes, I do feel that school was the best part of my life, and I do cherish those amazing moments and memories. Sitting in groups chatting all the time, discussing cartoons and all…Those chairs, desks, blackboard, chalks, Miss and friends are an inevitable part of my memory I think of the school as a place which proved to be our first social platform…

The school portrayed as a temple of education doesn’t seem legit to me. We people often confuse education with schooling. We must be crystal clear with the notion that schooling and education are not same. Ya, I agree that they may be related but they are still way more complex and different.

Schooling is a preliminary task for getting educated, whereas Education is a process which starts after gaining maturity, moreover, it is a lifelong process. Yes, you heard it right, Education is not about completing college or school with good grades, But it is the process of becoming mature, expertise genuine insights, sound judgments and practical wisdom.

I am in no way disrespecting the role of schools. I am just suggesting a way. According to me, schools should mainly focus on catering and providing sound foundations of intellectual discipline and skills needed to carry out the further process of education. They should just introduce the notion of learning with some basic applications so that person becomes capable of reasoning and understanding. Also, try and understand Studies and Education are also way different I am in no way arguing against the Studies, Yes, I know Studies are an integral part and should be done side by side. In short, a school should pave a way for easier education to the human kind.

 An educated person is one who through the travails of his own life assimilates the ideas that make him representative of his culture, that makes him a bearer of traditions and enable him to contribute to its improvement

P.S.: This was just a try to start something new, I want your inputs and suggestions to improve it and gain some new ideas… And Yes don’t forget to answer the question         “Is Schooling and Education same?”…


70 thoughts on “Is Schooling and Education same?

  1. I am very passionate about this subject…and very conflicted. As an educated women with a Master’s degree, I have to say that my education was one the things that most empowered me in my life. So much so , that I dedicated my business to empowering women and girls through education and skills training. That said, I can say, without question, my life experiences have taught me so much more than sitting in a classroom ever could! This is why I am so convinced that non-traditional methods of teaching in ‘classrooms’ are paramount for shifting an education from rote learning/learning to test methods to cultivating skills that will transfer over to ‘real-life’- analyitcal, critical-thinking, conflict-resolution, humanities, learning science through nature, etc.
    That’s my 2 cents on the issue, anyway. 🙂 Very well -written and thought provoking, thank you!!

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  2. I dont remember my schooling days.. It was that long ago. It was a beginning of my education and it ended with my post graduation 2 decades ago. But my thirst for knowledge remains intact… I study my text books even now. Articles on the net.. So according to me schooling is beginning of education status, ends with degree certificates… But Knowledge is life long. Hope this makes sense

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      1. It’s only in india that age matters and people start behaving accordingly. On a social platform our identity is our name and our views.. Hence its shalini.. I have lived many decades but my identity still remains shalini..

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  3. I agree- they are related but not the same. Education and schooling often go hand in hand- education is the culmination of all experience- which includes a person’s schooling.

    Interesting thoughts- cant wait to read more!

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      1. Where you is? 🙂 Missing you. Hope all is well. I haven’t forgotten your nom. I’m falling behind. I will be able to do the post in the next couple weeks or so. Thank you again! 🌹

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      2. I am here only… Just git free from exams today only… Will be going home!! And yes, there is a lot of backlog I need to clear…
        Thanks a lot for ur concern 😊
        And sure, take your time… Good things come late😂

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  4. Schooling is a beginning of education and not a way. There is a difference between education and literacy I believe. School educate us but more or less they make us literate. Whereas, education has no specific medium. You can get educated even from a small street kid. He can teach you some thing important for life.
    I am amazed to read this! You have no idea of how important a topic you have raised. Stunning!.

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      1. I had nominated earlier… Your wish see when you are comfortable… Check on my page I think post will be somewhere in bottom… Blue Sky and one more I don’t remember correctly…


  5. It was more than a try. You have no idea that me and my friends have been discussing about this since ages and it’s good to know that there are people out there who think the same. I honestly, without a shadow of doubt feel that schools are just about marks and not really education because one way or the other the syllabus will get over and no matter how good marks you get no one will come to know that it was just cramming or true understanding.

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