New Phase!!! Our Life

Hey, people!! I know it was long ago that I wrote anything…I am sorry for that… I am somewhat busy with Internships and Summer vacations at Grandmother’s house… I will share all the memories in coming days… Till then read this. This is a reply against something which happened to me today…

My Love,

I never ever thought that you will call me at random time. You were so eager and hasty I was tensed seriously. I called you the first thing you said made me numb I was out of my mind.. How can you so easily tell anyone to propose? I thought you were high or something but no I felt down there that you were crying.

First impression was that you wanted me to say all that a boy can think about you? Maybe he was going to call and confess you… I was damn sure that it was him who will today take my Strawberry away from me. I being a friend of yours wanted you to be with someone who can love you till zenith  and who better than him. Okay! I confessed my love for you just for the sake of your so called ‘preparation’.

It all started on 5th of November Yes, I remember the date… I just messaged you to say a Sorry!! That sorry turned my life truly I was on the top of the world that day… Thanks to facebook for letting all this turn true.. I seriously loved you from Day 1… We were your so called valentine couples I thoroughly enjoyed each and every moment we spent be it separation or coming together and enjoying. Your childish  talks made me mature enough to understand that we were not made for each other but again as it is destined now we are… You made me comfortable enough to come out of my cocoon and talk about anything Yeah! You made me extrovert… We discussed about everyone else except us which frustrated me at first but gradually I loved each and every bit of our conversations.

I was trembling, my hands are still shaking, I can’t believe what is happening!! I was crying when you expressed your feelings.. My mother too called me twice in between our call  but just to hear you I didn’t attended her.

Yes, I will make you “Bahu” of my mother… Will go to California I will come to meet you as soon as possible and will Make the proposal great one…  Afterall you rejected me twice na… Now I will make up for it

See I had lots to talk but when the time came I can’t even utter a word… I am really timid and can’t impose my will on people. I live a very shady life.. I can’t say or argue with my parents.. you need to push me everytime for this..If you are ready for this them I am too…

I thought about it and now I am ready to accept the responsibilities… I will work more hard to achieve “Our” dreams and make “Our” lives more soothing and happier…. Officially from now it is not about me anymore It is about “us and Our Life!!!”

At last I will just want you to think upon it and finally answer…


Your Love

Liebster Award! :)

At last!!! This awarding month is over with a blast…Thanks a lot to all the people who nominated me for various awards… God Bless all 😇… Sorry people I didn’t wrote much posts this month… Was busy with my Semester Exams. But I found time to acknowledge the awards nominated to me. Frankly speaking, all these awards are a source of real motivation !! These helped me a lot in my exams to boost my confidence too.

Okay now without wasting any more letters, here my acceptance speech goes…

First of all, Yes I am nominated for The Liebster Award… my first German Award 😅.. Liebster in German means  “Sweetheart” or ” Loved one”..Yes, I am somewhat proficient in German too😉… So, AngelKris the one whom I am grateful for nomination thought that I am Liebster…  Respecting her, I am accepting this honour… She is a magnificent person to hear to or read to… Believe me, she writes insanely awesome posts… Thanks a lot again for nomination😍.

The rules of this award:

1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger gives you.
3. Give 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 blogs.
5. Notify those blogs of the nomination.
6. Give them 11 questions to answer


Q1. People invest time and energy into developing their career, their bodies and their relationships, but often neglect their spiritual dimension of their lives.How do you actively pursue spiritual growth?

A. Not as such… But I regret the fact… I too want… But Yes, I meditate and spend time with my soul…

Q2. What is your concept of God? Do you view Him positively or negatively?

A. God is the All-Mighty… I respect the power and try to abide by principles

Q3. How do you deal with people in your life that you don’t like?

A. I mostly neglect them… Seriously saying I can’t say no to anyone…

Q4. What are you most afraid of?

A. Losing myself in this crowd and selfish word

Q5. What makes you smile?

A. Revisiting my favourite chats

Q6. What’s is your main reason why you write or blog? 

A. It all started around 1 year ago… Someone just passed my life leaving her impressions in my life as these blogs…. To get a clear clue try to read my First 5 blogs those will help a lot…

Q7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

A. Yes, I do believe but it never worked for me…

Q8. What inspires you?

A. People and nature

Q9. What is your motivation in relationships, pleasing yourself or serving others?

A.  Mutual… I follow Win-Win… Just a balance for both

Q10. How you spend your free time?

A. Self- interrogation, writing and sleeping

Q11. What does your perfect day look like?

A. For me perfect day would be tomorrow if we could meet… 


11 Facts about me: (Some may be repeated as its being Thanks Giving Month for me)🤣🤣

  • I am a Panda in sleeping and eating both
  • I don’t like to read books
  • Always ready to eat
  • WordPress is my most visited app and site’
  • Love to read from you people
  • I like to interact with people, but I am shy in Public
  • Stage fear is my best friend
  • Apart from Panda I like Koala, Owl And Penguin
  • I am Windows Fan!!! Microsoft is Love
  • I hate to study really!!
  • I don’t abuse…(Really)


My nominations:

Just Me..

Rhythm In Life

Shreya Sharma

Dilkash Shayari

Hati !!

Ankan Das



Himanshi Shukla

A Learning Poet



Answer these for me please😂

  1. Share a secret…(Oh. yes. I love this)
  2. Winters or Summers
  3. Any dare you want me to perform?
  4. Favourite Letter.
  5. Some words about me… :p
  6. One Hilarious moment
  7. Last place you want to end up
  8. Some guidelines to help me write…
  9. Give me a topic to write for next posts

Oh God!!! I can’t think even

10. Something new I should try?

11. Will you Give me Party? If Yes then let me know please… :p


If you feel answer as I know none of this is a nice question. 😦


Is Schooling and Education same?

School, The first picture that comes to my mind is of Recess where kids fight for tiffins, run around like insane mob. Yes, I do feel that school was the best part of my life, and I do cherish those amazing moments and memories. Sitting in groups chatting all the time, discussing cartoons and all…Those chairs, desks, blackboard, chalks, Miss and friends are an inevitable part of my memory I think of the school as a place which proved to be our first social platform…

The school portrayed as a temple of education doesn’t seem legit to me. We people often confuse education with schooling. We must be crystal clear with the notion that schooling and education are not same. Ya, I agree that they may be related but they are still way more complex and different.

Schooling is a preliminary task for getting educated, whereas Education is a process which starts after gaining maturity, moreover, it is a lifelong process. Yes, you heard it right, Education is not about completing college or school with good grades, But it is the process of becoming mature, expertise genuine insights, sound judgments and practical wisdom.

I am in no way disrespecting the role of schools. I am just suggesting a way. According to me, schools should mainly focus on catering and providing sound foundations of intellectual discipline and skills needed to carry out the further process of education. They should just introduce the notion of learning with some basic applications so that person becomes capable of reasoning and understanding. Also, try and understand Studies and Education are also way different I am in no way arguing against the Studies, Yes, I know Studies are an integral part and should be done side by side. In short, a school should pave a way for easier education to the human kind.

 An educated person is one who through the travails of his own life assimilates the ideas that make him representative of his culture, that makes him a bearer of traditions and enable him to contribute to its improvement

P.S.: This was just a try to start something new, I want your inputs and suggestions to improve it and gain some new ideas… And Yes don’t forget to answer the question         “Is Schooling and Education same?”…

Thanks to one and all!!

Okay! I know ki you all are seriously fedup now… I thought ki aaj hi sare kasar nikal dete hai. 

Promise won’t be too long….

Thank everyone for support and help, hoping to see more from you all…

This or That Book Tag

Yes, I’ve been nominated for one more award and its a tag. This or that book tag is a tag created by Ayunda from  Tea and Paperbacks. I’ve been nominated by Kiran for this tag. She is a wonderful writer can write almost in any genre. I love her work, she is a great person and wonderful person to be friends with… I hope you all people will also like her writings and comment on her work…

Thank you so so so much, Kiran❤😊… Looking forward to read you again soon…

The Rules:

1.Thank the person who nominated you.
2.Share the award on your blog.
3.Share 7 random facts about you.
4.Tag 4 bloggers with less than 1000 followers.
5.Let them know that they have been nominated.

Again Facts:

  1. I am a typical boring person.
  2. I love Pandas🐼and Koalas🐨 both.
  3. WordPress makes me feel like home.
  4. I learn from the experiences of others.
  5. Believe or not I respect women.
  6. I am having a Dual personality… Split personality🤣
  7. Love to eat and eat a lot.


I am nominating those bloggers who are new here, so give them so love and boost their confidence, Please…😇

  1. Saumya
  2. Iamthatgirl23
  3. A Learning Poet

Again I am out of nominations so fee free to tag yourself and give a loud round of applause to yourself…😃🤗

Thanks a lot, Kiran, I know it’s too late almost after 4 months I am acknowledging the nomination, Really sorry for that… Anyways thanks…

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Congrats to me….

Yeah… It took time but it was worth…

It have been more than a year I started blogging… The experience is mixed sort of but I enjoyed all of it… 

Thanks a lot to all the people who bear with me and my posts 😂…

As it is said 100 is just a figure I too believe that it is…and I love figure 😎😇
Sorry people I was not that active in past few weeks and most probably will take me more to come back fully from Exam Fever…Till then please try not to forget me😜..

22nd April Mother’s Day!!

Today is Mother’s Day people…..

Please do always love, care, respect, honour and help her. Make your mother proud of you!!

Happy Earth Day!!! to all and specially ‘Mother Earth’….💖

Once Upon A Time..!!

One post which caught my eyes… Awesomely carved out the truth of life…
Thanks a lot “mylittlepursuitsofhappyness” for allowing me to reblog it..



Once upon a time, when Window was just a square hole in a room and Applicationwas something written on a paper. When Keyboardwas a piano and Mousejust an animal. When Filewas an important office material and Hard-Drive just an uncomfortable road trip. When Cutwas done with knife and Pastewith glue. When Webwas a spider’s home and Viruswas Flu. When Appleand Blackberrywere just fruits… 🙂

That’s when we had a lot of time for family and friends..!! 🙂 🙂

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This is minutes of yesterday’s event held at NIFT, Chennai by The Climber named as LitUp Chennai edition, blended with my way of narration… Frankly speaking, this is a long post, but seriously telling it would be worth reading it.😋


NIFT!!! exclaimed the bright proud hoarding, it added National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai. We were warmly welcomed by Gandhiji’s memorial just by the entrance of the institution. The splendid architecture of the institution was tempting to take a moment and appreciate its beauty but we morons were busy in taking selfies and groupfies with the NIFTians😍….Yes, I agree people there are friendly and trendy. Being in NIFT it is a herculean task to look dull😂, people there are very cheerful and lovable. As we paced through the campus admiring it The Backstage area caught my eyes. So many stalls were placed there but I took a break at BookShelf😇, an initiative to circular books at reasonable cost. We bought around 2 books after bargaining for around 30 mins.  Again session of selfies begun with Organising Committee members and volunteers

Tired of all the hectic self-obsessed selfies we decided to be seated in the Auditorium. It was not even a second I sat and my mobile beeped a snapchat message, Yes,  A Snapchat (please try to digest😂…),”See Right”, I turned my head in anticipation, I was puzzled what was happening.. OMG!!! She is here😍. I can’t believe we were seeing each other after 2 years, last we saw each other at School Farewell function. She was really looking beautiful never thought she will be like I think this is all NIFT Aura😎. As we casually chatted about all the recent happening the event started.

“Hey!! Chennai” Exclaimed the Anchor, The delegates started off the talk amongst the applause and appreciation by the crowd. A whole lot of new experience was waiting for me and all the people present there. Most amazing thing was that the delegates and the speakers were of our age group so it was very easy to connect to them.
Alright, now being an engineering student I am good at this, I will now sum up the talks of the delegates one by one….

1.A.Sai Prapanch:


A 20-year-old bestselling novelist on amazon, the proud author of The Contractor Series. An ordinary boy who became a famous novelist at such a young just by following these lines…

“You don’t need to be perfect to start, You can start and be perfect.”

2.Satwik Gade:


An unsuccessful person(he only told, I don’t believe him😇) who chased his dream to be a cartoon journalist. Right from the beginning, he was in inclined towards drawing which today made him a cartoon journalist at The Hindu. As he says he is doing a high satisfaction but low-income job. But it doesn’t matter until you earning enough to afford a four-square meal.

“Passion makes you a traveller, but reason makes you a wanderer.”

3.Sejal Kumar:


OMG!! the crowd is going mad, so much hooting and cheering. Yes,  the Youtube sensation Sejal Kumar❤ is here. People are insane all want a selfie with her, fortunate enough we managed to get one…It was a golden opportunity for all the NIFTians to jot down some points about fashion blogging and guess what they didn’t miss this opportunity. Now coming back to Sejal Kumar, was an Eco student at Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi was excellent at academics got inclined toward a new platform to justice with her skills ‘Youtube’. One of the youngest person to walk on Youtube Fan Fest Red Carpet…🤗

Facebook: TheClothingEdit

Youtube: Sejal Kumar

Instagram and Snapchat: @sejalkumar1195

4.Madhu Shudan:


An Army man👏 for all of us, the true inspiration for all of us. Lost his Army training due to a respiratory problem but never lost the hope, today he is pursuing Philosophy in Delhi, he is a freelancing traveller, travelled almost 7000kms in the Himalayas itself, enjoys trekking and winning over the summit.

“You know what to  do in life but you are unsure how to do it.”

“Whatever you want to do in life start right now, never compromise”

5.Vikash Paul:


Mr.Funnybones, a struggling Charter Accountant and a great standup comedian.😂 Started his journey through Open Mic (a platform to speak out loud). He just made us laugh miserable hard…

Facebook: Vikash Paul- Comic

Youtube: Vikash Paul-Comic

6.Angshuman Sarma:


The perfect Sharmaji ka ladka(just like me😇). This guy won hearts yesterday,  A person so determined that even Fibromyalgia was unable to shatter his will and stop him. From the very young age, he was inclined towards literature, used to read a lot. During his sleepless nights, he used to read books. Finally, by the help of Spoken Words Poetry, he came up with a story of his life as a poem.

“Dear 15 year old me!”

7.Meghnad Bose:

17883626_1356849601027817_3846200206648509283_n (1)

One who disclosed CBSE scam and the first one to reveal identities of the Dhaka Attackers(🙌). A digital journalist, who wanted to be a computer engineer. But driven by passion choose journalism over it. Discussed the flaws and benefits of journalism and added to an emerging field of Digital Journalism. 

” Journalism is not a profession, Journalism is a call”

8.Nivash G:

Started off with a burning topic ” Why relationships fail?”
A buzz surrounded whole of the auditorium people told due to Trust, Money, Distance, etc. But one person got the answer right It was due to ‘Lack of Listening’. He demonstrated how to enhancing Listening Skills with a short activity which is very famous practice in theatres ‘Object And Mirror’.

“Theatre is for everyone who can sing, dance, act, write, narrate and read”

9.Bharath Divakar:

Became a sensational poet after being sociophobic for 10 years due to bullying at a tender age of 12😑. Spoken Words Poetry provided him with the platform to tell his story without any embarrassment. He shared his eye filling poem ” A letter to my Childhood Bully”. A poem full of emotions and shattering words had the power to embrace oneself in it.😍

“Poetry was never about Social media, Social media ia a platform”

“Write, write, write until your fingers bleed ink”

“If you can’t be a poet. then be a poem”

“There is no money in poem, But there is no poem in money”


A splendid performance with needs no description at all. Much needed performance to end the event. After all, it was NIFT fame event so how could one miss all the high energy dance and music.

While all this was happening in the auditorium there were backstage sessions with the Speakers, a much-needed platform to interact with the speakers in personal and clarify the doubts and click some selfies with them too.

All and all it was a fun event, got a whole lot of experience from it,  A Special Thanks to all the Organising Members, The Climber and NIFT for conducting such an event. Looking forward to attending more such events…

Video: Event in a minute

PS: Images from official facebook Pages and profiles of respective delegates. And video Long Highway Productions…


क्यों औरत के हिस्से में उसका इतवार नहीं आता।।

– प्रतिमा द्विवेदी जी 

श्री प्रतिमा जी ने इस कविता के द्वारा औरतों की कर्मठता और संघर्ष को दिखाय है। उन्होंने इतने सरल व सुलभ शब्दों में औरतों के जीवन का वर्णन किया है की कोई भी आसानी से समझ सके।

हम सभ ने अपनी-अपनी माँ  को देख है कि वह कैसे पूरे दिन-रात निस्वार्थ हम सभ के लिए बिना अपेक्षा रखे काम करती है। ठीक इस ही तरह हर औरत कर्म को अपना कर्त्तव्य मानकर चलती है। 

आथ:मेरी तरफ से हर एक स्त्री को शत-शत नमन क्योंकि वह हमेशा ही अपने से कही ऊपर अपने परिवार को रखती है।